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Main Focus

Our research, built upon on a foundation of deep academic collaborations and thorough industrial background of traditional and non-traditional cyberspace security issues, aims to maximize our impact on our customers and business.

Our research work is published in peer-reviewed conferences and journals, ensuring the impact of our research goes beyond China and into the research community at large. The combination of theoretical and applicational knowledge is realized through a series of programs and projects sponsored by government or horizontal business parties

We create innovative technologies that are the foundation of our next generation cyberspace security solutions for consumers, creative professionals and enterprises. The true value of security lies in the insensibility of business process, which protects the network and computing platform in a built-in style with intelligent sense of anormalies detection. .

Research Domains


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Deeper View

We emphysize the importance of theory and architecture in security designing and developing, which constitute the foundation of any practical functioning system.

Data Driven

Big data has revolutionized all walks of technological fields and security is no exception. By aggregating adequate data we can find clues of the unexpected.

Dual Thinking

Cyberspace security is the battlefield of both attackers and defenders. It is hard to be proficient in protecting unless critical viewpoints from the side of attacker is gained.

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Agile Action

Man and machine differentiate in thinking speed and quality. In the era that hackers frequently incorporates A.I to initial attacks, defenders must react the same.

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Cyberspace Security Technology Key Labortory is a CETC owned scientific and research platform that focus on the state-of-the-art principles and applications of cyberspace security, lead by distinguished chief experts and scientists of domain.

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